How much money does a mobile detail unit owner make?

How many cars can you detail in one day?

Know the Rules Before You Detail

With two bays and two people, you can plan for four to six cars per day. If you need to process more than three or four cars per day and have only one bay, you have a problem unless your detailers work long hours or take shortcuts to get the work done.

How much do top detailers make?

ANSWER: On average, car detailers earn annual salaries between $28,000 to $65,000 each year according to a 2015 relative survey. When a mobile detailer works 2 cars a day they make an average of $23,976.00 annually. With 4 detailed cars they make an average of $47,953.00.

How profitable is a car detailing business?

Profitability Scenarios

According to, a one-person detailing business can bring in as much as $90,000 per year. That figure is based on an average of three jobs per day for five days at $120 per job.

How long should a full detail take?

Wondering how long car detailing takes? It can usually take 30 minutes or the entire day to complete a car detailing, depending on the car’s size and condition.

How much do detailers make in California?

The average salary for a automotive detailer is $17.46 per hour in California and $4,750 overtime per year.

How much do car detailers make UK?

How much does a Car detailer make in United Kingdom? The average car detailer salary in the United Kingdom is £22,000 per year or £11.28 per hour. Entry level positions start at £20,800 per year while most experienced workers make up to £27,000 per year.

Is starting a car detailing business worth it?

A car detailing business can be a very satisfying and a financially rewarding business. Customers are looking for a great service with plenty of cars and other vehicles to clean. There are a few things that will be important to starting a successful car detailing business.

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How do I start my own detailing business?

  • What is Car Detailing?
  • Do Market Research on Car Detailing in Your Area.
  • Create a Car Detailing Business Plan.
  • Do a SWOT Analysis Before You Start a Car Detailing Business.
  • Decide on Your Business Type and Location.
  • Fund Your Detailing Business.
  • Apply for Licenses and Permits.
  • More items…•

    Is car detailing difficult?

    Car detailing takes some time to master because, it takes a lot of time and hard work to really get a car looking as good as new inside and out. There are many different areas a car detailer must really pay attention to, such as the paint, chassis, wheels, headlights, and trim, and of course, the inside of the car.

    How much water does it take to detail a car?

    If you are engaged in mobile car detailing, you really only need around 5 gallons of water for each application. To use our company as an example, each mobile car detailing application that we take on only uses 3 gallons of water per wash. For all intents and purposes, this is basically a waterless wash.

    How long does it take to wax a car?

    So how long does it take to wax a car? With all the factors of washing, drying, polishing, sealing, and finally waxing plan on spending about 3.5 hours if your using a buffer, or about 5 hours if doing it by hand. Either way you will not regret the time you spend making your ride look absolutely perfect.

    How much do detailers earn?

    Average Car Detailer Salaries in the US Across the entire US, the average hourly wage for a car detailer is $11.93/hour. The average yearly overtime pay is an extra $3,875 per year. This means that, on average, American car detailers make $27,735 per year.

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    How do I start a car detailing business in Australia?

    Here’s how to start your own auto detailing business.

  • Register your business. Before you can legally run your new business in Australia, you will need to first register for an Australian Business Number (ABN). …
  • Name your business. …
  • Business plan. …
  • Company policies and insurance. …
  • Finding a workspace.
  • How much does a car washer make Australia?

    The average salary for a car wash attendant is $26.33 per hour in Australia.

    How much do car detailers make in Los Angeles?

    The average salary for a automotive detailer is $17.67 per hour in Los Angeles, CA and $4,750 overtime per year.

    How much do mobile detailers make UK?

    How Much Do Mobile Detailers Make Uk? What is the average salary of a Car detailer working n a Car detailer make in United Kingdom? In the United Kingdom, car detailers earn £18,525 or $9 on average. The hourly wage is $50.

    How can a teenager start a car detailing business?

    How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Car Detailer?

  • Make sure that you speak to your parent(s) before trying to become a teen car detailer. …
  • Before you begin, you’ll need to learn about cars. …
  • Get the proper materials. …
  • Practice. …
  • Reach out to different auto detailers. …
  • Congratulations, you’re officially a teenage car detailer.
  • What do professional detailers use?

    Pro detailers use color-coded, task-specific microfiber cloths and towels for greater efficiency, lower friction and scratching and easier washing, rinsing and drying.

    What type of industry is car washing?

    The Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry is tasked with cleaning, washing and waxing automotive vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, vans and trailers. Like many industries that rely on discretionary spending, this industry is sensitive to changes in household finances.

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    What are the equipment required for car wash?

    • Car Wash Foam Gun.
    • Car Wash Tools.
    • Car Duster.
    • Washing Spray Gun.
    • Car Wash Brushes.
    • Car Wash Sponge.
    • Car Wash Chamois.
    • Chain Cleaning Brush.

    More items…

    How much does a mobile detailing business make?

    The industry website CarBuffs states that a full-time detailing business can expect to earn around $1,675 in income during a five-day week. This source indicates that a full-time mobile detail business can make over $75,000 in profits each year.

    What is a mobile detailing unit?

    Unlike a stationary location, mobile detailing units allow business owners to work at the homes and businesses of customers. A detail business typically charges a set fee for each type of service. However, some companies charge customers based on the time expended or number of vehicles cleaned.

    How much does a mobile car wash owner make?

    The sites above estimate that a slow-starting mobile detail business can bring in around $24,000 per year, whereas a more active business would be able to net the owner near $50,000 a year for a mobile car wash salary. Full-time established businesses have been known to bring in over $70,000 annually.

    How do I calculate my car detailing business income?

    To get a good idea of your car detailing business income, you will want to know how much money you can make per job. If you’re in business already, you can start by gathering all your invoices from the previous year and adding up the total to give you your revenue.