What is the bottom side of a car called?

What’s the bottom part of a car called?

Undercarriage is the part of a moving vehicle that is underneath the main body of the vehicle.

What are the sides of a car called?

The nearside on a car is the side that’s closest to the kerb. The nearside is often called the passenger side; so, the nearside front is the front passenger seat on a car. The nearside rear is the passenger side of the car in the back seat. If you’re looking for a particular car part, it may be described as “nearside”.

What are the internal parts of a car?

Putting it all Together

  • Engine. The heart and soul of your vehicle is the internal combustion engine. …
  • Transmission. …
  • Battery. …
  • Alternator. …
  • Radiator. …
  • Front Axle. …
  • Front Steering and Suspension. …
  • Brakes.

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What are the parts of a car door?


  • Door card.
  • Door handle.
  • Door switch.
  • Glass window.
  • Pillar.
  • Power door locks, which can work on a remote system.
  • Interior storage compartment.

What is the left side of a vehicle?

Left side is driver side, right side is passenger side.

What is the bumper of a car?

A bumper is a structure attached to or integrated with the front and rear ends of a motor vehicle, to absorb impact in a minor collision, ideally minimizing repair costs.

What is the name of car body parts?

Car body and main parts

  • Bonnet/hood. Bonnet/hood. Car cover. Support stick. Hinges and springs.
  • Bumper. Unexposed bumper. Exposed Bumper.
  • Cowl screen.
  • Decklid.
  • Fender (wing or mudguard)
  • fascia.
  • Grille (also called grill)
  • Pillar and hard trim.

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Whats the floor of a car called?

floorboard. noun. American the floor in a car.

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What are mechanical parts of a car?

Mechanical parts means operational parts on a vehicle that wear out over time or have a finite useful life or duration typically shorter than the life of the vehicle as a whole. Mechanical parts do not include external crash parts, wheels, paint, or windshields and other glass.

What are the parts of a dashboard?

Dashboard features

Contemporary dashboards may include the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, and fuel gauge, turn indicators, gearshift position indicator, seat belt warning light, parking-brake warning light, and engine-malfunction lights.

What is a side panel on a car?

A quarter panel (British English: rear wing) is the body panel (exterior surface) of an automobile between a rear door (or only door on each side for two-door models) and the trunk (boot) and typically wraps around the wheel well.

What is the holder in a car door called?

Everything I’ve found just calls them door pockets, that’s what the manufacturers and the wholesalers call them anyway.

What are the parts of a door called?

Parts of a Door

  • Doorway. A doorway is one of the easiest parts of a door to see. …
  • Door Frame. A door frame is what supports the door and consists of the head, jamb and sill. …
  • Head or Door Head. The door head is a horizontal section of the door frame that is located at the very top.
  • Door Panel. …
  • Jamb. …
  • Sill. …
  • Threshold. …
  • Rail.

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What’s left and right on a car?

Simply referring to the “driver’s side” and the “passenger side” doesn’t always suffice because in different parts of the world, the “driver’s side” can be on either side of the car. The “Left” is on the left and the “Right” is on the right.

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Why are there holes in the bottom of a cars door?

Why do you need to check the drain holes in your car doors? Because water can get past window seals and inside the doors when it rains or when you wash your car, and the water is supposed to exit through drain holes at the bottom.

What are the parts of a bumper?

A bumper is made up of four parts:

  • Bumper cover.
  • The bumper absorber.
  • The bumper reinforcement bar.
  • The bumper mounting system.

What is the thing under the bumper called?

That’s why some automakers add a plastic strip (also called a front lower valance or air dam) to the bottom of the bumper on their cars. However, these plastic strips are also vulnerable to damage, as plastic breaks easily.

What is the front bumper in a car called?

On the other hand, the bumper cover (also known as the front fascia) is a visible, molded body component that’s typically made out of either plastic or fiberglass. This is the part of the front end that people often misidentify as the bumper itself.

What are the 3 sections of a vehicle?

  • Vehicle is divided into three sections.
  • Front section includes everything between front bumper and fire wall.
  • Center section or midsection includes body parts that form passenger compartment.
  • Rear section also called tail section, rear clip, “cathouse”

What is the part of a car above the wheel called?

Wheel Arch Panel

These are the panels that sit above and around the wheel arches so they are often covered in water, salt and other dirt thrown up from the road by your car’s wheels and other passing vehicles.

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What is the back part of the car called?

The back part of the car that opens is called the trunk. It is an empty space used to hold equipment, luggage, etc. 11. Wheel/Tire Every car has four wheels. The black part of the wheel, which is made out of rubber with air inside, is called a tire. 12. Engine The heart and soul of your vehicle is the internal combustion engine.

Which side of the car is the front of the vehicle?

The vehicle front is on the right side in those pics. Undercovers are generally for aerodynamic purposes rather than keeping things dry. In other words, an effort to increase gas mileage.

What is the inside of a car called in British English?

In British English the hood is called a bonnet and the trunk is called a boot. Car parts vocabulary for in the inside of a car . The following picture shows the vocabulary for various parts for inside a car. BrE = British English NAmE = Native American. Vocabulary for parts of a car inside and outside.

What are the different body parts of a car?

Internal Car Body Parts Names with Images. 1 1. Engine. Engine is called the heart of your car. Typically engine is placed at the front side of the car. But some models come with engine at the … 2 2. Battery. 3 3. Alternator. 4 4. Radiator. 5 5. Transmission. More items